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For the 40th anniversary of ESTRACK, this site is available to collect the history and to help preparing the event. All those who participated along the years are most welcome to share their knowledge and photos.



A History of the European Space Agency

The two volumes are published by the ESA Publications Division (ESTEC, P.O. Box 299, 2200 AG Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

The following two pages contain extracts relevant to ESTRACK.

Volume 1 - 1958-1973 (SP1235 (April 2000))

Volume 2 - 1973-1987 (SP1235 (April 2000))

Prior to ESTRACK, ESRO built three stations, that was the ESTRACK pre-history time.


Cost Efficient Evolution of the ESA Network in the Space Era (P.Maldari, N.Bobrinsky)


ESTRACK is the ESA Tracking Network. This page intends to recall the capability and the history of the stations.

The following stations belong to the ESTRACK network:

15m Network

Deep Space Network

Other Stations

ESTRACK Control Center

The ESTRACK Control Center, located at ESOC is in charge of scheduling the use of ESTRACK as well as third parties support, centralising at ESOC the support for all missions.

Further information can be found on the ECC page.

Support to ESTRACK

Logistic Support

NDIU (Network Data Interface Unit)

PSS (Portable Satellite Simulator)

RFCT (RF Compatibility Tests)

Communication and IT

Reference Station

Supported missions

Stations Caracteristics

The following page summarizes the caracteristics of each ESTRACK station.

Latest activity

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